2018 Redskins: A Better Team?

Jay Gruden stated in the annual coaches meeting he believes the Redskins are a better team now that Alex Smith is their QB. Ole’ DC put a 4-year $71,000,000 bet (along with a third round pick) on Smith – but is he really putting the Skins much higher on the Vegas Odds Board? Both teams have solid offensive lines, I’d give the tip of the cap to Washington. Both teams had tough injury years, and their defense played subpar. Again, I give the tap to Washington for VERY small margin of better defensive play.  However, the Skins had a pretty abysmal running game, while Smith had Kareem Hunt to take some pressure off the passing game.

If Gruden is comparing Smith to Cousins, let’s take a look at the past three years where they both started for KC and Washington.
Smith, over the last 3 years, completed on average only 21 times per game and averaged 32 attempts per game. Cousins completed on average 23.5 times per game and averaged 35 times per game. Smith’s completion percentage from 2015-2017 was 66.6 and Cousins just edged him at 67%. In terms of total season yards, Smith averaged 3,676 and Cousins 4,392.

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Here is where it gets interesting – Smith has only averaged throwing for 20 touchdowns per season and Cousins has averaged 27. However, Smith took much better care of the football averaging 7 INTs per season when Cousins was throwing 12. The rest of their stats are pretty similar – Smith had an average Rating of 97.1 and Cousins 97.5. Washington had a worse overall record the past few years, while KC had consistent winning seasons. The question remains though is Alex Smith the X-Factor that will get Washington to the top of a TOUGH NFC East division. They’re willing to bet $71 million guaranteed on it. Time will tell.

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