Brandon Weeden Is Still In The League?


Texans signed Brandon Weeden.

Weeden spent last offseason with the Texans, but he was released at final cuts. He spent most of the season with the Titans, but they decided to bring in Blaine Gabbert as their new backup on Tuesday. Weeden will hold the clipboard behind Deshaun Watson.

This is the guy they want behind their stud sophomore QB who JUST tore his ACL not even a year ago?


Here’s Weeden’s Career Stats:
SUMMARY Career G 34 AV 15 QBrec 6-19-0 Cmp% 57.9 Yds 6462 Y/A 6.7 TD 31 Int 30 FantPt 341.6

Keep in mind Kaepernick is still out there with a 72 TD to 30 Int Ratio (I know it’s skewed due to garbage time but still) I think I would even take Mark Sanchez over this guy.

Some guy name #Texans Bill had his thoughts about it, and it’s actually pretty funny:

I like the Texans, I’m a huge fan of Bill O and want to see them succeed, but this move left me scratching my head.


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